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Launch Day: Common FAQs
Launch Day: Common FAQs

Common questions and answers in preparing for your Boulevard Launch Day

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Q: A user didn't get an email invite to Boulevard. How do I send that?

Emailed invites to Boulevard contain a unique 'Accept Invitation' link that is coded to the specific user. For this reason, do not forward invites. To resend an invite to Boulevard:

  1. Navigate to the user's Staff Profile

  2. Verify or enter their correct email address

  3. Click the mail icon to the right of their email address


Q: I changed the prices of some services, but none of the existing appointments are showing the updated prices. Why?

Regardless of if the appointments were added by the business, client, or Boulevard, all booked appointments are unaffected by any future change in price or duration. This is done deliberately to preserve details that were previously set or communicated to a client. If service pricing or duration needs to be bulk-updated following a data migration, Boulevard offers a one-time courtesy reset, which resets all current and future appointments to the updated settings. Please contact your Boulevard representative for more information.

Q: When does my business receive deposited funds from sales?

Boulevard deposits funds according to 2 deposit schedules:

  1. Calendar-Day Deposits: 3 bank business days

  2. As-Soon-As-Possible Deposits: 2 bank business days

Please see the Payout Schedule article for more information.

Q: I forgot to count the register and do pay-ins/outs. What do I do?

Don't worry! Boulevard's register feature is a 'floating' drawer, meaning nothing happens automatically or on a schedule. The register can be counted, and pay-ins/outs can be done, whenever and as often as needed.

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