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General questions and answers about the Boulevard dashboard.

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Q: What is the quickest way to get answers to my specific questions?

Click HERE and type your question keywords into the search bar. Boulevard has built out this very detailed Help Desk database that has many articles explaining features and instructions to address almost any question you may have.

Q: What happens after a customer online books?

As soon as a customer books, the individual service provider receives an email/text message (based on their notification preferences). At the same time, an email is sent to the customer who booked with details pertaining to their appointment. Boulevard automatically sends a reminder to the client before their appointment.

Q: How do I know when a customer online books?

When a customer books, the service provider immediately receives an email and/or text notification based on their notification preferences. You have full control over how you get notified of new appointments. The new appointment automatically appears on the calendar.

Q: Can customers pay through Boulevard?

Absolutely. Credit cards are required to book an appointment, and are the default source of payment at the time of checkout. The customer does have the option to change or split up their payment sources at the time of checkout. Using the card on file allows for a convenient wallet-free checkout.

Q: What happens if a customer cancels an appointment booked on Boulevard?

Notifications for canceled appointments are the same as notifications sent for new bookings. The appointment is automatically removed from the calendar. If a customer tries to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours' notice, they are required to contact the business. The business then has the option to charge the customer an optional late-cancellation fee.

Q: Can Boulevard work with my existing online calendar system?

Yes. Boulevard's calendar features are 2-way. You have the ability to add your Boulevard calendar to your personal calendar program (iCal, Google Calendar, etc.) and similarly, you can also import your personal calendars into your Boulevard Dashboard calendar.

Q: Can I limit what certain Users can and cannot see? Can they only be able to perform specific actions?

Yes. We understand that certain business information is sensitive, and so we've built Boulevard to allow for the limiting of certain user privileges. Users will or won't be able to see certain things or perform certain actions depending on the role to which they are assigned.

Q: Can I get direct help from Boulevard? Do you offer training?

Absolutely. In addition to having a Help Chat feature available to instantly chat with a Boulevard representative, Boulevard's Academy offers on-demand training and customized training options.

Q: What happens if I receive a chargeback?

Chargebacks are a regular part of running a business and don't need to be daunting. In many circumstances, Boulevard works toward resolution on your behalf. For detailed information and instructions, please see the article Resolving Chargebacks.

Q: Do I have to use the online booking part of Boulevard?

Boulevard is designed to delight your clients by providing them with an easy and enjoyable experience of booking their appointments online. This in itself saves the business limitless time dealing with schedules and playing phone tag. While it's highly recommended to enable the online booking feature, it can be disabled and Boulevard may be used solely for schedule and appointment management, CRM, and business reporting.

Q: Can I restrict which customers are able to online-book?

Most websites allow you the ability to create a webpage that is private, only accessible by private link. In this case, your self-booking overlay is placed on this page, so only those who have been given the private link can book an appointment.

Q: Can I choose which stylists and services can be booked online?

Absolutely. You can select within the individual Staff settings and Service settings if you would like that staff member or service to be able to be booked online.

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