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Adding New Appointments

How to create new appointments in the Boulevard dashboard.

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Boulevard Admins can always manually add appointments, such as when requested by a client or staff member. There are several ways to manually add appointments to the schedule.

Option 1: Directly on the Calendar

  • Click directly on the desired appointment slot, then select New Appointment

  • Click the New Appointment button in the top right corner

Option 2: From Within the Client's Profile

  • Click the new appointment icon in the top right corner of the individual client profile

  • Scroll down through the appointment history, and click the rebook icon next to the same type of appointment desired

Remember that any added appointment blocks off that time on the calendar, and it no longer is available to be booked online. Manually-added appointments do not have to have a credit card on file, however, if it's available, you can manually add a credit card at the time of booking. For more information on adding credit cards, see the article Managing Credit Cards.

Best Times vs. All Times

Best times uses Boulevard’s Precision Scheduling™ to automatically surface the best times to book, just like your front desk would personally recommend specific times to a client. This promotes better booking, makes onboarding easier, and saves valuable time for both service providers and the front desk. All times surfaces all available times to book.

Optimal Booking Times

Staff members can see which times are the absolute best for your business on the Best Times view with an "Optimal" tag. Precision Scheduling predicts these times based on your booking history and the services it expects you to book in the future.

See the Precision Scheduling article for more information.

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