Boulevard offers a Register feature that allows businesses to easily track cash-on-hand, deposits, and withdrawals from a centralized cash register. To access the Register feature, go to the Sales tab for the location and then Register.


Current Drawer

When a cash payment or refund is processed, that cash amount will automatically be accounted for in the current drawer. The current drawer shows the cash sales, cash refunds, how much has been paid in/out, and how much cash is expected to be in the drawer.


Pay In and Pay Out

The Pay In and Pay Out features are used to track the manual deposit or removal of cash from the register. To add or remove cash:

  1. Click Pay-In or Pay-Out

  2. Enter a detailed description of the deposit or withdrawal

  3. Enter the amount of the deposit or withdrawal

  4. If doing a Pay Out, select the Category for either Expense or Deposit

  5. Click Pay In (Add cash) if adding cash or Pay-Out (Remove cash) if removing cash


Count Drawer/Close Drawer

The Count Drawer feature is used to total up all remaining funds in the register at the time of closeout or day's end, however, it can be done as many times as desired (i.e. mid-day counts, shift changes, etc.). To count the drawer:

  1. Add a description of who is doing the count/close-out or the reason why

  2. Add in the various coins and bills

  3. Click Submit Drawer Count > Confirm Drawer Count when all drawer contents are accounted for.

*Once you submit the drawer count, this drawer is now closed. You cannot go back and edit a closed drawer so please be sure to account for all pay-ins/outs prior to submitting the final count (especially if it's an EOD count).

The "End Amount", once you close out a drawer count, is what your next (Current Drawer) will open with. Think of the end amount as the cash you are leaving in the drawer either for the next day, next shift, etc.

*If you leave your drawer at $0 and replenish it in the morning, you should do a pay-out (as a deposit) for the funds you are removing and close your drawer out with $0 "Expected in Drawer". When you come in again, you can do a pay-in for the funds you are opening/replenishing the drawer with.

Drawer History

The history of all closed-out drawers will show on the left side of the screen. Click any of the dates or times to open up the summary of that particular drawer.


Please reach out to Support via Help Chat or by emailing support@blvd.co if you need assistance!

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