Opening Procedures

  1. Log in - Use the Chrome browser and login to Use your email address and your previously set password. For any password issues, you can use the "Forgot Password?" option.

  2. Clock in - Click the small clock icon at the top right of your screen. Then if you name appears in the list, click "Clock in" in the same row which contains your name. If you name is not in the list, click "New Timecard", find your name in the dropdown list, then "Create Timecard".

  3. Credit card swipe - Simply plug the USB credit card swipe into a USB port in the primary computer used for checkout. The computer will recognize the credit card swipe automatically with nothing to download. If there are any issues, you can and should manually key-in credit card details.

Closing Procedures

  1. Close out all appointments - Ensure that all appointments on the current day are checked out or cancelled/rescheduled. Use the Front Desk view to easily verify that all appointments are showing in the Completed column. If not, please check out or cancel all appointments in other columns.

  2. Close any open orders - Head to Sales > Orders then filter by "Open Orders" to view any open orders. Please closeout any open orders or delete them (in the case of a price-check, etc).

  3. Close the Register - Do any Register pay-outs and count the drawer. All cash sales will be automatically added to the register. At the end of the day, please do any 'pay-outs' for cash deposits, then count the drawer. If you have a drawer reserve amount set, include that reserve amount in the count when counting the drawer.

  4. Clock out - Make sure all time cards are fully clocked out. When there are no longer any active/open shifts, no purple numbers on the time clock icon will show.

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