Boulevard has multiple pieces of compatible hardware you can choose to utilize with the system based on your business needs. Specifications below.



  • Desktop or Laptop at the Front Desk to run the system at its full capacity

    • We recommend a device with at least 2 USB ports as well

  • iPad running iOS 13+ (if you're using the Boulevard Duo to process payments)

  • Required Specs: The computing requirement is that the computer still actively receives updates from the operating system and can run the latest version of Google Chrome

Download Chrome for Mac:

Download Chrome for PC:


    • Offers flexibility to dip and tap cards or use multiple contactless payment methods like Apple or Google Pay.

    • Compatible with the Boulevard Duo iPad app and Boulevard dashboard for a complete front-desk client experience.

  • Credit Card Swiper:

    • At the moment BLVD is only compatible with USB credit card scanners and not Bluetooth-enabled scanners. Please do not purchase these items outside of these links (i.e. Staples, Office Depot, Amazon) as their security levels could be specific to the store where it is purchased and are not compatible with Boulevard.

  • iPad: for Boulevard Duo App to be able to have clients check-in, complete forms, and check out/add gratuity with swiper or Duo

    • Must be on iOS 13+ update. iPad Mini is not compatible due to the screen size.

  • Receipt Printer: or (USB Versions)

    • The receipt printer is set up via the computer itself, not through Boulevard. If you run into issues during set up you can feel free to reach out via Help Chat or but if needing assistance with the initial setup you will be directed to the printer manufacturer’s support.

  • Cash Register/Drawer: Any cash register is compatible as long as it is “stand-alone” and does not require to be synced to a receipt printer

    • We recommend any 2D/3D scanner with a USB connection


For CC swipers:

  1. Open notepad (or any other text editor on your computer)

  2. Focus the cursor as if you were about to type into the document

  3. Swipe your credit card.

Credit card swipes are really a shortcut to “typing” the information contained in the magnetic track into the computer - no different than if you had typed it yourself. However, it is encoded in a special way. After you swipe the credit card, you should see something that looks like the following: %B4242424242424242^DOE/JOHN …..

The format should:

  1. Start with a “%B”

  2. Then your credit card # should read in entirety (and be exactly as it appears on your card)

  3. Followed by a caret (^)

  4. Your name should be written out as it appears on the card

If it does not follow this format, or the numbers do not match the exact same numbers on the card, that means the credit card swipe has encryption keys added to the device that causes the swiper to be unreadable - if you swipe a card into Boulevard, we will not be able to charge it.

For Printers:

  1. Sign in to your Boulevard dashboard

  2. Create a dummy sale for $0

    (Sales tab > New Sale > Enter client info. and add a product to the ticket)

  3. Process the sale by selecting "complete and close”

  4. Attempt to print the receipt once the sale is finalized

For Barcode Scanners:

  1. Make sure you are on the Product line, otherwise, it will not read the barcode

  2. Try to scan a Product while in a sale window

If it is compatible, the product will be added to your order.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to us via Help Chat or If you are not live yet your Onboarding Specialist will be the best person to contact, but Support can loop them in if necessary!

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