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Boulevard Duo: Setup Instructions
Boulevard Duo: Setup Instructions

Overview of how to setup the Boulevard Duo device.

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Please see this guide regarding hardware requirements for Duo.

Duo Setup:

Linking your computer to your iPad

  • Download the Boulevard Duo app from the App Store on your iPad

  • Open the Duo app and follow the prompts to link the device

  • When the iPad displays a code, navigate to Manage > Hardware on your computer

  • Click “Link new iPad”

  • Enter the code from the iPad into the dashboard

Linking your Duo to your iPad

  • On the iPad, follow the onscreen steps to Pair the Duo Chip Reader

  • When the app asks you to grant access for Bluetooth and Location Services, tap “allow while using the app”

  • Put the Duo Chip Reader into Pairing mode by tapping the Duo device power button twice before holding it for 6 seconds. The lights on the top of the device will begin flashing blue back and forth

  • The Duo app will look for a code, which can be found at the bottom of the device (6-digit code). This code is the Bluetooth Pairing Code

  • Enter the code in the prompt, and tap "Pair"

  • Once paired successfully, you can then tap “Launch client experience” and begin taking payments

The power button for the Duo is located on the left-hand side of the card reader/lights are pointed toward you.

The Duo charging port is located on the backside of the device, a cord and block are included with the Duo. Please only use this cord and block to charge the device.

The reset hole is a small pinhole located on the top-backside of the Duo.

Checking Charging Status, Battery Level, and Signal Strength

To check charging status, battery level, and signal strength, open the Boulevard Duo app. Press and hold the "Boulevard" logo at the bottom of the screen to open the Duo settings and view signal strength, battery level, and charging status. From here you can see if the Duo Card Reader is connected to Bluetooth and power. This indicator helps you determine if charging and battery levels are sufficient, and whether the Duo card reader has good Bluetooth connectivity. Battery level can also be checked from the Duo Chip Reader by tapping the power button and viewing the four lights on top.

The device information within the Duo app will display one of the connectivity statuses below:Use the image below for signal strength reference.

Signal Strength and Battery Level Icons in the Duo app Settings Screen

Signal Strength and Battery Level Details in the Duo Settings Drawer

Duo Lights and Meanings

The image below shows Duo light patterns and their corresponding meanings. The rectangle on the left indicates the power button light.


Charge your Duo via a wall outlet using the included power cord and power block. Charging your Duo any other way may damage the device and render it unusable.

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