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Boulevard Duo: Setting Up a Duo App without a Duo Card Reader
Boulevard Duo: Setting Up a Duo App without a Duo Card Reader

How to setup the Duo App without a Duo card reader.

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If you don’t have a Boulevard Duo card reader, you should still use the Boulevard Duo App to check in clients, complete digital forms, manage walk-ins and collect gratuity for cards on file or swipe transactions.

For the best client experience, upgrade to the Boulevard Duo smart card reader. If you purchased a Boulevard Duo to process payments, please see Boulevard Duo: Setup.

How to set up Boulevard Duo App on your iPad without a Boulevard Duo smart card reader

  1. Confirm that your iPad is running on iOS 15 or later (Settings > General > About).

  2. Download the Boulevard Duo App from the App Store on your iPad and open the app.

  3. Link your iPad to the Boulevard Dashboard by following the instructions in the Duo App.

  4. When you arrive at the screen asking to pair your Duo Chip Reader, select “Skip Step” at the bottom of the screen in light grey.

  5. Select “Launch Client Experience”.

  6. To delete the Boulevard Reception App from your iPad

    • Navigate to your iPad’s home screen,

    • Press and hold down the Boulevard Reception App icon

    • Select “remove app” or “-”

  7. Enjoy the latest and greatest client check-in and check-out experience.

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