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Boulevard Duo: Setup + Troubleshooting
Boulevard Duo: Setup + Troubleshooting

Overview of how to setup the Boulevard Duo and common troubleshooting tips.

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Please see this guide regarding hardware requirements for Duo.

Duo (2nd Generation) setup

Linking your computer to your iPad

  • Download the Boulevard Duo app from the App Store on your iPad

  • Open the Duo app and follow the prompts to link the device

  • When the iPad displays a code, navigate to Manage > Hardware on your computer

  • Click “Link new iPad”

  • Enter the code from the iPad into the dashboard

Linking your Duo to your iPad

  • On the iPad, follow the onscreen steps to link the Duo device

  • When the app asks you to grant access, tap “allow while using the app”

  • The Duo app will look for a code, which can be found at the bottom of the device (6-digit code). This code is the Bluetooth Passkey.

  • Once paired successfully, you can then tap “Launch client experience” and begin taking payments

The power button for the Duo is located on the left-hand side of the card reader/lights are pointed toward you.

The Duo charging port is located on the backside of the device, a cord and block are included with the Duo. Please only use this cord and block to charge the device.

The reset hole is a small pinhole located on the top-backside of the Duo.


Charge your Duo via a wall outlet using the included power cord and power block. Charging your Duo any other way may damage the device and render it unusable. Do not leave your Duo constantly plugged in. For best performance, please unplug the Duo once fully charged and plug back in once the battery is depleted.

Duo (2nd Generation) Troubleshooting

Unable To Pair the Device

  1. Hold down the power to reset the device.

  2. Check if you can find the device’s “Serial Number” (shown on the bottom of the device) in the Bluetooth devices list of your tablet.

Duo Loses Connection With Tablet

  1. Press and hold the power button to turn the device on. If you disconnected because of the “auto-off” feature, turning the device back on will reconnect it.

  2. The device may have a low battery, so charge the device by connecting the USB cable to the included power brick to charge. Do not charge on a computer or mobile device as this will not provide a sufficient charge for the device.

  3. Ensure the computer and iPad is within range of the device.

  4. If the above does not solve the issue, follow these steps to repair the device:

  1. Exit out of the Duo app on the iPad

  2. Go to Settings on the iPad —> Bluetooth

  3. Click the (i) next to the Duo device

  4. Click "Disconnect" if applicable then click “Forget this device”

  5. Reopen the Duo app to the "Welcome" screen

  6. Long hold the grey Boulevard logo at the bottom of the Duo app screen. This takes you to the "set up" page.

  7. Hold the button on the back of the Duo for 4-5 seconds to put in pairing mode - the lights will start flashing (if they’re not already)

  8. Click "start" on the Duo app where it says to pair the Duo device and re-pair.

  9. You will be asked to enter a code that can be found at the bottom of the Duo device.

Duo Loses Connection With Tablet Then Cannot "find" Duo

  1. Unplug the Duo so that it is no longer charging

  2. Hold down the side power button until you hear it power off

  3. Leave powered off for 30 seconds to a minute

  4. Turn Duo back on, by holding the power button - leave Duo unplugged

  5. Force quit out of the Duo app and go through the above re-pairing steps.

Duo Card Reading Issues

  • Press the power button to turn off the device, then turn it back on. The device will automatically reconnect with your tablet.

  • The device may have a low battery. Use the USB cable and power brick to recharge it, then retry.

  • Ensure the device, computer, and iPad are all within range of each other.

  • Check if the device has power and ensure it’s connected to both the iPad and the computer.

  • Make sure the app is instructing you to swipe, insert, or tap a card.

  • Ensure there is no dust/debris in the card slots.

  • Check if the magstripe or chip of the card is facing the right direction when swiping or inserting the card.

  • Ensure that your iPad OS version is supported (the Duo app requires iOS 13+ for use)

  • Try swiping or inserting the card at a different speed.

  • If tapping, ensure that your card supports NFC (aka tap-to-pay).

  • If tapping, ensure that your card is within 4 cm of the NFC marking.

  • If tapping, remove your card from your wallet or purse to avoid any interference.

Duo Not Responding

  • Use a paperclip or a narrow, pointy object to hold down the reset button for at least 15 seconds. Repeat the pairing process if necessary and try again.

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