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Boulevard Duo: Updating Firmware & Configuration
Boulevard Duo: Updating Firmware & Configuration
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In order to maintain optimal performance, your Duo device will occasionally require updates to what is called the "firmware" and "configuration". These are updates to the

Duo itself, not the Duo app through the app store.

Updating Duo Device

  1. Open the Duo app on your iPad.

  2. Visit the Duo device pairing screen. Hold down the grey Boulevard logo at the bottom of the screen for a couple of seconds to be taken to the pairing screen.

  3. Begin Duo update. Once on the pairing screen, you will follow the prompts to complete the firmware and configuration updates. The updates take ~5-10 minutes to complete, and your Duo will need to be reconnected afterward.

    If your Duo device is below 50% battery, you will need to recharge to above 50% before updating. The Duo app will notify you if the battery needs to be charged before updating.

The pairing screen walks you through each step of the update. Once you have returned to a connected state you can hit "launch client experience" in order to navigate back to the client-side portion of the app and resume running transactions.

If you have any questions or run into issues, please contact Support via Help Chat or by emailing!

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