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Boulevard Duo: Checkout
Boulevard Duo: Checkout
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Once you have linked the Boulevard Duo app with your Boulevard dashboard and paired the Boulevard Duo by following the instructions on Boulevard Duo: Device Setup, you are ready to check clients out. The checkout flow adds two screens that better communicate order details to your clients. To get started, make sure to update the Duo iPad app to Version 1.285.303 or later.


  1. At the bottom of the checkout window, you see the linked iPad for the Boulevard Duo app preselected (or can click to select it).

  2. Charge the card with the Boulevard Duo by selecting the green charge button.

  3. Once you select the method of payment in the Boulevard Dashboard, the client sees a “Review Visit” screen with an itemized breakdown of their purchase.

  4. After the "Review Order" screen, the client can select their desired gratuity for their service provider(s).

  5. Next, the client is prompted to swipe, dip, or tap a credit or debit card. If you have Boulevard Offset enabled, the client sees a disclaimer for the credit fee that is applied to the total.

  6. Once a card is inserted, the client is then prompted to “Confirm Total”. This screen includes product and service subtotals along with the selected gratuity, taxes, and any applicable fees. The client sees a full order total at the bottom, and the “Confirm” button finalizes payment.

    NOTE: Duo is only able to process gift cards that are tied to the dashboard. This does not include prepaid gift cards like Amex/Visa/MC.

    DUO Progress Stepper

    For clients who pay via card, the checkout flow enables additional fees and adds transparency for your staff. Following the “Review Order” screen, clients tap, insert, or swipe their card. After tendering payment, clients are asked to select gratuity and view and accept their completed order from the “Confirm Total” screen. We’re introducing a progress stepper to the staff-facing dashboard checkout window so you can see the client’s progress, and so you can guide clients and answer questions along the way.

Enabling and Disabling ‘Review Order’ and ‘Confirm Total’

Create the checkout experience that works best for your clients and staff. You can customize the screens presented to your clients within the Duo checkout flow.

Enable or disable the “Review Order” and “Confirm Total” screens in the Boulevard Dashboard from your Manage location settings.

  1. Navigate to Manage Location > Hardware.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. By default, “Review Order” and “Confirm Total” are enabled. These screens exist to enhance transparency and trust with your clients. To hide these screens, you can disable one or both to create a faster experience.

If both screens are disabled, the client is prompted to insert payment and select their preferred gratuity amount (as defined in your settings), after which payment is finalized and the order is closed. If you use Boulevard Offset, a disclaimer for the credit fee displays when the client is prompted to insert their card.

Things to Note

  • International Zip Code Verification: If a client provides a foreign postal code associated with their card, just enter it as they indicate. We'll handle any formatting on the back end. Some countries have postal codes with more or fewer digits than your standard 5-digit US zip code, so just enter the number of digits that the client provides. And if the client's country (such as the UAE) does not have postal codes, just enter "0" in the field.

  • No more signatures? Credit card companies no longer require EMV-compliant merchants to collect signatures. As long as the Duo is being used to collect payment, no need to worry about signatures!

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