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Appointment Checkout

Steps on how to complete appointment checkout.

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Checking out an appointment on Boulevard is generally done after the service is provided; ideally the same day of the appointment or soon thereafter. Checking out an appointment ensures that the service provider gets paid, the customer gets charged, and the appointment details get added to the client history and business reports.

For more info on how to check out appointments using the Boulevard Professional app, check out Mobile Checkout.

For more info on how to check out appointments using the Boulevard Duo payments hardware, check out Boulevard Duo: Checkout.

General Appointment Checkout

  1. From the calendar, single-click the appointment to be checked out

  2. In the bottom right corner, click Checkout. You may need to click "Mark as Confirmed", "Mark as Arrived", etc. until "Checkout" appears.

  3. Review and make any needed adjustments to the services, prices, and products.

  4. If you wish to Prebook a future appointment, do this now using the buttons on the left.

  5. Apply the payment source(s).

  6. Click Charge.

  7. Add an optional message on the receipt, then click Done.

NOTE: To help reduce fraud and support chargeback cases, billing postal codes are required for transactions when a card is not present or when storing a card on file. If processing a card on file and the provided postal code does not match the one associated with the card, the transaction still processes. Subsequently, you are asked to enter another postal code the next time you use the card on file.

If a client provides a foreign postal code, just enter it as they indicate. We handle any formatting on the back end. Some countries have postal codes with more or fewer digits than your standard 5-digit US zip code, so just enter the number of digits that the client provides. And if the client's country (such as the UAE) does not have postal codes, just enter "0" in the field.

Price Adjustments

From the Checkout window, you can optionally change a price or add products/gratuities. Using the icons to the right of the checkout window, you can Adjust Price or Add Discount. Click Update once the new price is correct. A discount or adjustment is reflected in the new Total.

Multiple Payment Sources

You can apply several payment sources to a single order. For example, cash can be applied and the remaining balance can be split up across multiple credit cards or an "Other" payment source such as a credit voucher. Cash should be applied first.

Applying Cash

  1. Click the Cash button at the bottom of the window.

  2. Enter the amount of cash applied.

  3. Click Charge Partial and the cash applies to the total.

Applying Credit

  1. Select the card on file.

  2. Add a new card, or specify a different amount to be charged.

  3. Click Charge to finalize the checkout.

Add/Edit/Remove Services at Checkout

  1. Click the 3-dot menu next to the client’s name in the checkout window.

  2. Select Edit Appointment to make changes to the service or add additional services.

  3. Select Remove Appointment to remove the service from the checkout window.


You can now select if you'd like the customer to be emailed a receipt, and can enter an optional one-time personal note to show on the customer receipt. Click Done to exit the window. Your appointment is now checked out. The color of the appointment fades darker and a small dollar sign icon appears in the top right corner of the window.

Additional information about receipts can be found here.

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