Prebooking Appointments

How to prebook appointments.

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A prebooked appointment is defined as a future appointment that is scheduled during the same calendar day of a client's service. Boulevard updates the prebook % stat in 15-minute increments or less. Please note that if a client prebooks an appointment and then cancels it the appointment still counts towards the prebook % stat.

Prebooking a Future Appointment

  1. Go to the Checkout screen.

  2. On the left, click Prebook to choose a date in the current calendar view or 4w, 6w, or 8w for convenient jumping ahead that amount of weeks.


  3. Now in the New Appointment window, add the service(s) and click Select Time.

  4. Click on the new desired date and time on the calendar and then Done.


  5. Select if you want the client to receive an emailed confirmation, and then Complete Booking.


  6. With the prebooked appointment complete, now expand the Checkout window on the bottom right and fully check out the current appointment.

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