A prebooked appointment is defined as a future appointment that is scheduled during the same calendar day of a client's service. Boulevard updates the prebook % stat in 15 minute increments or less. Please note that if a client prebooks an appointment and then cancels it the appointment will still count towards the prebook % stat.

Prebooking a Future Appointment

  • Go to the Checkout screen

  • On the left, click Prebook to choose a date in the current calendar view or 4w, 6w, or 8w for convenient jumping ahead that amount of weeks

  • Now in the New Appointment window, add the service(s) and click Select Time

  • Click on the new desired date and time on the calendar and then Done

  • Select if you want the client to receive an emailed confirmation, and then Complete Booking

  • With the prebooked appointment complete, now expand the Checkout window on the bottom right and fully check out the current appointment

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