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How to complete a group appointment checkout.

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Boulevard's group checkout feature lets the business combine multiple appointments or orders into one transaction. This is useful in the example case where a mother would like to pay for her daughter's appointment but doesn't want to swipe her card twice. Multiple tickets can be combined into one transaction.

Combining Multiple Orders

To combine multiple orders into one:

  1. Navigate to the Front Desk tab.

  2. Drag the first appointment into the Completed column.

  3. Drag the second appointment into the Checkout window.

  4. Repeat for all appointments to be added to the transaction.

  5. Select the desired Payer (below).

  6. Checkout the order as usual

TIP: If the Checkout window is covering the appointment you need to drag, simply minimize the window using the minimize icon at the top right of the window, then drag the appointment into the minimized window at the bottom.


Selecting the Payer

Once multiple appointments have been merged together, you may easily choose the payer or switch payers. Simply click the double arrow Switch Client icon to the right of the client name to change the payer.

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