Merging Multiple Appointments

Steps on how to merge 2 or more service appointments scheduled on the same day.

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When a customer has 2 or more services scheduled on the same day, it's critical that all of their services fall within a single appointment. This ensures that the customer only gets a single appointment reminder, their appointment status is accurate, and that all services are paid for with a single transaction at checkout. If a customer self-booked separate appointments, or the business added them unknowingly, these separate same-day, same-client appointments should be merged into a single appointment.

Merging Appointments at Booking

When an appointment is manually added, Boulevard automatically checks to see if the client already has an appointment on the same day. If so, at the Booking Confirmation an alert stating that the client already has an appointment on that day is visible. You can unselect specific existing services if you do not want them merged with the new appointment. Click Complete Booking to confirm your choices.


Merging Existing Separate Appointments

Before merging appointments, identify all the separate appointments that should be linked. This can be done by a visual inspection of the calendar, searching the appointment history in a client profile, or looking for repetitive names in the Front Desk view. When the cursor is placed over multi-service linked appointments on the calendar, they appear outlined and bolded.

  1. Locate all appointments to be merged.

  2. If any of the appointments already has a status (confirmed, arrived, etc.), select that appointment, otherwise select the appointment that starts earliest.

  3. Click Edit Appointment.

  4. Below the first service, add the service(s), employee(s), and specific appointment time(s) from the other single appointments.

  5. Click Update Appointment.

  6. Delete the old duplicate single appointments, marking them as "mistake or error", and add a note that the appointment was merged.

  7. Verify successful merging by dragging the cursor over the now-merged appointments.


For additional information on adding and editing services, discounts, and products, please see the article Updating a Ticket.

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