Updating Tickets

How to update tickets to show changes in services, prices, products and durations.

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Tickets can be easily updated to show changes in services, prices, products, and durations. For a specific article about combining separate tickets, please see Merging Multiple Appointments.

NOTE: If a ticket is adjusted that had been closed on a previous day, it registers the new changes or additions as occurring on that same previous day.

Adding or Updating A Service

  1. Find the appointment details from either the client's profile or the calendar itself.

  2. At the bottom of that window, click Edit Appointment.

  3. Search for and select the new service, and if applicable, select a different staff member or duration.

  4. Click Update Appointment.

Adding or Updating a Discount

  1. From the calendar view, click on the appointment you wish to update.

  2. At the bottom of that window, click Edit Appointment.

  3. Click the price-tag icon next to the total price for the option to discount ALL services at once, or click the 3-dot icon next to singular prices to discount only that single item.

  4. You can also manually enter the new base price or select the discount.

  5. Click Update Appointment.

Adding Products

  1. Products are added to the Checkout window.

  2. Search for the product by name, SKU, or barcode.

  3. Add the quantity, assign a seller (optional), and modify the price if needed.

  4. The product is automatically added to the ticket.

  5. Click the trash can icon to the right of the product to delete or start over.

Additional Editing Options

Within the Edit Appointment window, you can also:

  • select a new date for the appointment

  • change service providers

  • change specific durations for services

  • modify prices and add discounts

  • change the status of the appointment

  • send a confirmation email

  • cancel the appointment


After every change, make sure to click Update Appointment to save any changes you've made.

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