Note: Client Accommodations can be saved through the web version of Boulevard. If a staff member has either the "Modify all appointments" or "Modify own appointments" privilege, they can also save accommodations from the Professional mobile app.


The term 'Client Accommodations' refers to Boulevard's ability to set and apply custom prices and durations to specific services on an individual-client basis. When a client is assigned a personalized price or duration is saved for a client, those custom details will appear in the Accommodations tab in their Client Profile. Once a custom price and/or duration has been set for a client, that price and/or duration will automatically apply to future appointments, whether booked online by the client or created by the business. Custom prices and durations will also appear when appointments are created using the Boulevard Professional app.


Adding a Client Accommodation

Custom client prices and durations can only be added by the business through the Boulevard web version. They can be added anywhere that the Adjust Price or Adjust Duration option is available, specifically:

  • When creating a new appointment in the Edit Details / New Appointment window

  • When updating an existing appointment in the Edit Appointment window

  • At Checkout

Saving a Custom Price

Using one of the 3 options above:

Saving a Custom Duration

  1. Click directly on the duration time for the desired service

  2. Enter the client-specific duration

  3. Click Remember this as {client's} duration

  4. Check to apply the duration to only the specific service provider only or to all staff

  5. Click Update

Viewing Saved Client Accommodations

Saved custom durations and prices will appear in a list under the Accommodations tab within the person's Client Profile.


Removing a Client Accommodation

  1. Open the customer's Client Profile

  2. Click the Accommodations tab

  3. Click the trash-can icon next to the accommodation to remove

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