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Overview of details included in the client profiles.

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Specific details about every client can be found in their Client Profile. After selecting the business location, select Clients to view your active client list. The initial screen displays the first and last name, the client's marketing status, phone number, and email address. Click Add Client at the top right to manually add in a new client, or use the search bar to search a client by their name, phone number, or email address. When a new client books online, a client profile is automatically created for them.

NOTE: Client profiles cannot be removed or deleted because they are tied to reporting. You may remove the client's phone number and email from their profile so they are no longer contacted by the business.

Client profile tabs

After selecting the client's profile, you can view that customer's details including social media, contact information, appointment history, upcoming appointments, and buttons to easily rebook a past appointment. See below for a detailed description of each tab within a Client Profile.


  • Send a text message, email, or book a new appointment using the buttons at the top right

  • Statistics on client total appointments, show rate, average revisit, and average visit value

  • Social Media account information (Flickr, Foursquare, Github, Instagram, Klout, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo)

  • Contact information (Name, Email address, Phone, Birthday, Address, Skype username, emergency contact)

  • Preferred Pronoun (entered during online booking or can be set here as well)

  • Current referral source or the ability to assign one

  • Opt-in options for marketing

  • Scheduled (upcoming) appointments


  • Current client accommodations; custom individualized service pricing


  • Past appointments with dates and services

  • Easy access to view the appointment or rebook the same appointment


  • Memberships

  • Membership Overview

  • Billing History

  • Billing Info

  • Sharing


  • Suggested products

  • Product purchase history

Fun Fact: Once a product has been added to a client profile, that product appears at the checkout screen, for easy recommending and adding to the ticket.



  • List of client forms and charts

Fun Facts:

  • This is only available if you have our Forms product add-on.

  • When your clients or staff complete a form or chart, client information such as address, date of birth, and referral source can automatically update specific areas of the Client Profile. Check out the Form and Charts: Connected Fields article for more information.


  • Photo gallery provides you with a single place to store all of your client’s photos.

Client Access

Boulevard’s client portal provides your clients with a centralized, easy-to-find place to manage their personal information, upcoming appointments, intake forms, and view the voucher balance on their account.

Clients can update their personal information in their profile, making it easier for them to stay up to date. Clients can also find their communication preferences on the client portal profile.

When a client updates the profile page in the client portal, the staff view of their client profiles is also updated within the Dashboard and the Professional app.

For account security, clients will not be able to update their email or phone number.

Check out Boulevard's Client Portal article to review additional options on how clients can manage their appointments and forms.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support via Help Chat or by emailing

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