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Overview of client portal settings and navigation.

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To help reduce your front desk’s time spent on helping clients track their appointments, Boulevard provides a simple way to introduce your clients to a new level of secure self-service. Boulevard’s Client Portal Login provides your clients with a centralized, easy-to-find place to manage their personal information, manage their upcoming appointments, complete intake forms, and view appointment history.

Business Setup

The Client Portal settings are found at the business level under ⚙️Manage Business > Client Experience > Client Portal. Only users with the ‘Business Manage’ privileges can see the Client Experiences tab.

Add Login To Your Website

Just like the ‘Book Now’ button, you can add a link to the login experience within your website.

Note: We do not recommend that you remove your self-booking "Book Now" button. Clients will still need the standard self-booking to schedule new appointments.

To allow clients login access into their client portal, you will need to start by copying the provided link and then adding the link to your website.

If you would like to change your client portal URL, head to the Business Details settings and adjust your business URL. The client portal URL is based on your Business URL settings.

Once changed, you can go back to Client Experience > Client portal to see your updated client portal URL.

Shared Profiles

We understand that there are times when multiple client profiles may share the same email address or phone number within your system. Depending on your preference, you have the ability to allow clients to choose between profiles at the time of login. With this feature toggled on, your clients can choose which client profile they are looking to access.

If you are a HIPAA-covered business, we recommend that you turn this setting off to ensure that PHI is never revealed to the wrong person. If multiple client profiles share the same phone number or email, a client who attempts to log in with that contact information will be prompted to reach out to your business, so you can merge any duplicate profiles and ensure each client has one, secure account with your business.

Custom Booking

If you have a custom booking flow, add your URL to the Client Experience settings to ensure your clients get directed to your custom booking.

Portal Access

Login Options

Clients can now access their client portal in three ways:

  1. Through the ‘Manage appointment’ link in their email confirmation.

  2. Through the ‘Your appointments’ link from the self-booking overlay.

  3. Through the client portal URL that is added to the business website.

Login | Client Portal URL

It’s easy for clients to lose track of passwords, so we’ve implemented a way for clients to verify their identity with a code received via email or text.

Existing accounts and new clients

Once logged in, the client portal utilizes your logo throughout, respecting your brand. Clients can return to your website at any time by clicking the logo. The portal provides visibility and management capabilities for upcoming and past appointments. Once the desired appointment is selected, clients can view their appointment details, outstanding forms, and location information. They can also reschedule or cancel appointments if they are outside your business’ cancellation deadline.

If a new client attempts to log in but does not have an existing account, the below message will appear, prompting the client to create an account by clicking ‘Book Now’.

Client Portal Navigation

When clients log in to their portal, they land on their upcoming appointments page. They can select any appointment to see additional details, see past appointments, or they can view existing vouchers or access their client profile by clicking “Hi, [client name]” at the top right-hand corner.

Appointment Details

When clients select an upcoming or past appointment, they arrive on the appointment details page, where they can see the date, time, services, and staff members booked. From this view, clients can confirm and modify their appointments, complete any outstanding forms, add appointment details to their personal calendars, and view location directions.

Outstanding Forms

Clients also have the ability to complete outstanding forms through the portal. A yellow notification at the center of the screen signifies if there are pending forms that need to be completed before the appointment. To complete a form, click on the incomplete form to review and sign. Once completed, the business will be able to view forms as needed.

To learn more about how to manage and send forms to clients, check out ourForms: Submitting, Printing, and Saving & Sending article.

Location Info

By scrolling to the bottom of the appointment details page, clients can access your location's information. Your business address, contact information, and hours of operation are listed here for easy visibility. To adjust the hours shown to clients, check out our Location Hours article.


Clients can view their voucher balances from the client portal by clicking “Hi, [Name]” and selecting “Vouchers.” They will see their active vouchers, the redeemable services, and the expiration date for each voucher where applicable. Check out the Vouchers and Memberships support articles to learn more about selling vouchers.

For businesses offering multi-service memberships or packages, the redeemable service options will be displayed to help clients understand their booking options for their next appointment. A notification will populate for vouchers that are expiring soon.

Once you’ve selected a voucher, clients can view the associated membership or package name, the issued date, and the expiration date. If adjustments to a membership, package, or existing vouchers are needed, clients must contact the business directly.

Client Portal Profiles

Clients can update their personal information in the client portal, making it easier for them to stay up to date. Clients can also find their communication preferences on the client portal profile page.

Ex: Link to client portal login (learn where to find your URL here)

Ex: Link to client portal profile

If a client is not already logged in when they navigate to the profile link, they will be prompted to log in before they can view or edit their information.

When a client updates the profile page in the client portal, the staff view of their client profile is also updated within the Dashboard and the Professional app.

NOTE: Since clients use email or phone numbers to access the client portal, they will not be able to update their email or phone number to maintain a secure login experience.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support via Help Chat or by emailing

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