A 'Membership' is a pre-paid termed subscription. The individual terms are set by the business, with purchasing clients ('Members') automatically charged either monthly or annually. Memberships will automatically renew on the set renewal date using the credit card that was used at the time of sign-up. New memberships are paid for on the date that they are purchased, even if the first term date is in the future. For issues regarding card declines and past due memberships, see Memberships: Managing Billing.

Creating a New Membership

Before a membership can be sold, it must first be created as a product.

  1. Head to Products > New Product

  2. In the Description field, add the membership terms

  3. In the Retail Price field, add the monthly or annual fee

  4. If the Membership is to include pre-designated services, select 'This is a package' then choose the voucher expiration (years, months, OR months after cancellation) and add the number of vouchers for each included service.

  5. Select 'This is a subscription'

  6. Choose from Bi-Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Semi-Annual, or Annual as the term length

  7. Choose if this membership should be for one individual or if it is shareable with other clients.

  8. Click Save

Selling a Membership In-Store

Memberships being sold in-store can be sold a-la-carte in a retail-only order or added to an existing order.

  1. In the checkout window, search and add the desired membership

  2. Checkout the order as usual

  3. The client will be charged at the beginning of each term. For example, they will be charged immediately upon purchasing a membership, and then again once they begin their second term

Selling a Membership Online

Memberships are made purchasable online by checking "Allow this to be purchased online" in the Edit Product window at the location level (Manage > Products).


Once the membership has been made purchasable online, it will appear in the booking widget. IMPORTANT: Memberships, like all virtual products, must be purchased in a separate transaction. For example, clients cannot book an appointment and purchase a membership at the same time.


Viewing a Membership

Once a membership has been successfully added, it will appear as a badge under the client's name during appointment checkout. It also indicates who owns the membership (if it is shareable).


Memberships will also appear in the Products tab on the Client Profile. Learn more about managing a client's membership in the Memberships: Managing Billing article.


Discounting a Membership

When a discount is added to a membership, the discount applies to that order only. To discount an existing membership for each billing cycle going forward, first cancel the membership then create a new membership with the discounted pricing in a retail-only order.

Prorating a Membership

To charge a one-time fee prior to a membership term start, you can add a new product such as 'Membership Initiation' or 'Membership Prorate' which can be added and paid for in a standard client transaction. As all products, this charge would be added in the Products section in the checkout window. This charge is one-time, and can be for any chosen dollar amount.

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