Retail-Only Orders

How to complete a retail-only order.

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Retail and product-only orders are created in the Sales tab at the specific location. These types of orders are created when the purchase is not tied to a specific service appointment.

Creating a Retail-Only Order

  1. At the location level, click Sales > Orders > New Sale.

  2. Search for the client's name or add them as a new client.

  3. Add the desired product(s) and quantity.

  4. Assign a seller (optional).

  5. Checkout the order as you would a regular service transaction.

As you begin to type the name or type of product, it automatically appears for easy selection. You can assign a specific seller to each product. This allows for the option to track product sales for the seller and apply a commission to that person, if applicable.

After checkout, the product inventory list reflects the change in quantity. To add, edit, or view the products list, see the article Products and Inventory.

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