Note: Boulevard's Purchase Orders feature is available to plans with the Premier "Inventory Management" Add-on.


Boulevard's Purchase Orders feature allows for integrated management of product ordering and invoicing. Purchase Orders can be created and managed in the Purchase Orders section under the location Manage tab.

Creating a New Purchase Order

  1. Head to Manage > Purchase Orders > New Purchase Order

  2. Select the Supplier from the dropdown list

  3. Add the Ordered On date and Expected On date

  4. Add an optional memo to appear in the Special Instructions section on the Purchase Order

  5. Add items to the order by name, SKU, or by scanning the barcode(s) OR click the 3-dot icon to the right to Add all low stock from supplier

  6. When all items and quantities are added, click Next or

  7. Click Save Draft to complete the order at another time


Downloading and Printing a Purchase Order

Once the purchase order has been built and saved, download the PDF to then print or attach in the email to the supplier.

  1. Click the cloud icon in the PDF column to the right of the purchase order

  2. Save the PDF and then print or send it to the supplier as usual


Receiving Inventory from a Purchase Order

  1. Find and click the purchase order from the Purchase Orders list

  2. If all inventory ordered was received, click Receive All then All Complete

  3. If only some inventory was received, enter in the amounts in the Received column, then click Save Changes

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