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Steps on how to add, edit, adjust, and view products in the dashboard.

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Boulevard offers the convenience of managing product pricing and inventory directly within the Boulevard dashboard. If a business currently uses Shopify or Quickbooks for products, a one-time product list import at the time of setup is possible by signing in to the respective account. However, because a product list import is included with data migration, this is generally not necessary.

Viewing Products and Inventory

To access the product and inventory list, click the location > Manage > Products.


Adding New Products

  1. From main business settings: Gear Icon > Products > New Product.

  2. Enter the Product Name then click Create Product.

  3. Enter the product size and color (optional).

  4. Enter the product SKU or 12-digit UPC Barcode.

  5. Add a description (optional).

  6. Add the Retail Price and Default Unit Cost. Note you can update the unit cost in a purchase order for a one-time unit cost change.

  7. Select if tax is charged on the product.

  8. Choose the product Supplier (optional).

  9. Choose the product Category (optional).

  10. Enter the product's Brand name.

  11. Click Save.


NOTE: Newly-added products are by default not active at the location level. The product needs to be enabled at the location by clicking the purple toggle switch next to it. Only products whose category is set as "Retail" show up in the Checkout window.

Expiration dates cannot be tracked or added to products.

Editing Products

  1. From the Products list click Edit Details next to the product to edit or delete.

  2. If editing, make the necessary changes then click Save Changes.

  3. To deactivate the product, click the deactivate button at the bottom left.

NOTE: Product prices must be updated individually. For bulk updates, reach out to support at

Adjusting Product Quantities

  1. From the Products list click Adjust Quantities.

  2. Select the reason for the adjustment from the following options:

    • Received Stock - New product received from a purchase order

    • Usage - The product was used in-store for the back bar or sample

    • Inventory Re-count - Inventory is being recounted for accuracy

    • Damage - The product is unsaleable due to damage

    • Theft - Product is unsaleable due to theft

    • Loss - Product is unsaleable due to other loss

    • Return - The product was returned

  3. Enter the quantities of the desired products and click the purple checkbox to confirm.

  4. Click Save All when done.

  5. A historical record of the change appears at the bottom of the product details window.





NOTE: When products are sold or inventory is decreased, Boulevard reflects the Unit Cost of the items using a first-in-first-out basis. This unit cost can be updated from the Default Unit Cost when creating a purchase order. When inventory is restocked such as after a refund, the product uses the Default Unit Cost.

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