Boulevard's integrated inventory management tool allows businesses to track inventory in-store. All product sales done through Boulevard will automatically update product quantities. Boulevard recommends performing an inventory re-count as often as possible to keep accurate record of current product quantities.

IMPORTANT TIP: Returned products are not automatically put back into inventory. Use the steps below to add a product back into inventory if the product remains in saleable condition after the return.

Adjusting Product Quantities

  1. From the Products list click Adjust Quantities

  2. Select the reason for the adjustment from the following options:

    • Received Stock - New product received from a purchase order

    • Usage - Product was used in-store for backbar or sample

    • Inventory Re-count - Inventory is being recounted for accuracy

    • Damage - Product is unsaleable due to damage

    • Theft - Product is unsaleable due to theft

    • Loss - Product is unsaleable due to other loss

    • Return - Product was returned

  3. Enter the quantities of the desired products and click the purple checkbox to confirm

  4. Click Save All when done

  5. A historical record of the change will appear at the bottom of the product details window

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