It is important to keep current record of the quantities of products in stock. Product quantities can be easily increased in the case of inventory received, or decreased in the case of product usage or loss. This is also a good time to make sure that all information for the particular product has been entered and is accurate. Changes will appear in the Product Quantity Adjustments Report.


Adjusting Inventory Quantities

  1. From the Products list (Manage > Products), click Adjust Quantities

  2. On the dropdown list, select the reason for the adjustment

  3. Create a list of products to adjust by either:

    1. Typing in the product name or SKU and hitting Enter when only the product appears below or

    2. Scanning the product with the barcode scanner

  4. Using either of the two columns on the right, adjust each quantity by using the down or up arrows or by typing in the number (Tip: Use the tab key to quickly move between rows)

  5. When all quantities have been adjusted, click the purple checkbox on each row or click Save All to save all visible adjustments

  6. Click Back when done to return to the product list

  7. A historical record of the change will appear at the bottom of the product details window and will also appear in the Product Quantity Adjustments Report.

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