Updating Memberships

Details on how to update existing memberships in the dashboard.

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Updating an existing membership refers to making changes or modifications to an existing membership which may include updating pricing. If pricing is updated, this will only be implemented with new membership sales. Boulevard is designed to allow active memberships to continue as they were originally sold. If any changes are made to the vouchers included in the membership, the membership price will remain the same but the vouchers will be updated the next time the membership renews. For example, if the membership originally included a voucher for 3 services and is updated to include 4, the price will remain the same during the next charge date but the vouchers applied to the members account will be updated.

To update prices for active memberships, please reach out to Customer Support at support@blvd.co.

Updating Membership Pricing

To update membership pricing for new purchases, head to your Manage Business settings.

  1. Select Products > Existing membership using the search feature.

  2. In the Product Price field, update the monthly or annual fee.

  3. Update the term length by selecting from Bi-Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Semi-Annual, or Annual, if applicable.

  4. Click Save to complete.

IMPORTANT: this does not update the pricing for memberships currently active with your clients.

Updating Membership Vouchers

  1. Select Products > Existing membership using the search feature.

  2. In the This is a voucher package field, update the vouchers the membership is redeemable for.

  3. Click Save to complete.

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