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Redeeming Vouchers in Checkout

If a client has a purchased voucher for a service that is listed at checkout, the option to redeem that voucher will appear at the left side of the checkout window. Click the green Redeem button to apply the voucher and zero-out the balance of the applicable service.


*NOTE: The voucher that will expire the soonest will be added first.

Removing Vouchers in Checkout

If you added a voucher to the checkout window by mistake, remove the voucher by clicking the X next to the voucher section.


*Please note: clicking the


icon next to the voucher redemption discount will not remove the voucher, only the discount. Please remove the voucher by clicking the X instead.

Viewing and Editing Vouchers

Unredeemed vouchers appear in Client Profiles under the 'Payment Methods' tab. Here, you will have the option to:

  • View total available vouchers

  • View dates received and expiration dates (if applicable)

  • Edit the expiration date of the voucher

  • Manually mark the voucher as redeemed

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