How to create, sell and manage voucher packages.

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A 'Package' is a pre-paid series of services, however, each package is set up as a product. Each service in the package becomes a redeemable voucher with an optional expiration date. At checkout, redeeming a voucher zeros out the price of the applicable service, and the applied voucher is automatically removed from the client's account.

Creating a New Package

Before a package can be sold, it must first be created as a product.

  1. From the Business Settings (gear icon) head to Products > New Product.

  2. In the Description field, add the package details.

  3. In the Retail Price field, add the total package price.

  4. Select 'This is a package'.

  5. Add the service(s) and number of vouchers to be included (Max of 60 vouchers can be added).

  6. Choose an expiration date for the vouchers (optional).

  7. Click Save.

  8. Head to the location-specific options (below) for further customization.

Location-Specific Package Options

As with all products, after a package has been created at the business level, certain options like online book ability, tax rate, and custom prices can be modified at the location level.

  1. Head to Manage > Products.

  2. Find and select the package.

  3. In the Edit Product window select or unselect desired options.

  4. Click Save Changes.

Selling a Package

Packages are sold in-store by the business and can also be made available for purchase online. When sold online, clients must purchase the package separately from booking an appointment. In-store, packages can be sold a la carte in a retail-only order or added to an existing order.

  1. In the checkout window, search and add the desired package.

  2. Check out the order as usual.

NOTE: Commission associated with the sale of a membership with vouchers is calculated after the voucher is redeemed.

Verifying a Package

Once a package has been successfully purchased, the associated vouchers appear in the "Payment Methods" tab on the purchaser's Client Profile.


  • Vouchers associated with a package are not shareable. To manually transfer a package, you can refer to Managing Vouchers.

  • Clients can view their existing vouchers from the client portal. The portal will display the number of redeemable vouchers, the applicable services, and the expiration date if one has been set. For more on the client portal, check out this article.

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