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Forms: Submitting, Printing, Saving, and Sending
Forms: Submitting, Printing, Saving, and Sending
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*Must have “View Form Responses” and “Advanced Forms” privileges enabled for staff to be able to complete these actions.

Print a Blank Form

You have the ability to print a blank form that can be filled out on paper.

  1. Navigate to Manage Business settings, then Forms and Charts

  2. Select the 3-dot menu on the form you want to print

  3. Select Print

Note: For this method, you must have the Business Manager privilege setting enabled.

Pre-Submission Options

Before a client or staff member has submitted a form for an appointment, three options are available for a form:

  1. Mark As Completed Offline: The form is submitted, despite it not being completed. Use this option when an automatically-added Client form does not need to be resubmitted, such as when the form was completed outside of Boulevard. (Note: This option is only available for forms. It is not available for charts.)

  2. Save Draft: Staff members can save a form or chart as a draft for future completion. It stays unlocked, able to be opened and completed at a later time by any staff member with forms access. It is marked with a blue "IN PROGRESS" label.

  3. Save & Submit: The form is submitted and locked. No future changes can be made. The form is marked with a green "Completed" label.

Post-Submission Options

After submitting a form, 3 options are available:

  1. Archive Form: This archives the current form. A new "Not started" copy of the form is automatically added to the appointment for completion.

  2. Print Form: This opens a connected printer window. This also provides the option to Save the form (see below).

  3. Add Note: This allows a note to be added to a completed form (see here).

Saving and Sending Forms

  1. Click Print Form

  2. In the print window click Open PDF in Preview (or similar)

  3. Click File > Export as PDF > name the file > Save

  4. With the file now saved, you can attach it to an email for sending

You also have the option to manually send form reminder emails from the edit appointment window at any time.

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