*Must have “View Form Responses” and “Advanced Forms” privileges enabled for staff to be able to complete these actions.

Print a Blank Form

To print a blank form that can be filled out on paper (note: must have business manager privilege setting enabled):

  1. Navigate to Manage Business settings, then Forms

  2. Select the form you want to print

  3. Select Preview

  4. Select Print in the bottom right corner

Note: you can also select “Save as PDF” from the print menu to save the blank form as a PDF.

Pre-Submission Options

Before a client or staff member has submitted a form for an appointment, 3 options are available in the Forms tab of the Client Profile::

  1. Mark As Completed Offline: The form will be submitted, despite it not being completed. Use this option when an automatically-added Client form does not need to be resubmitted, such as when the form was completed outside of Boulevard.

  2. Save Draft: The form will be saved as a draft for future completion. The form will stay unlocked, able to be opened and completed at a later time. It will be marked with a blue "Pending" label.

  3. Save & Submit: The form will be submitted and locked. No future changes can be made. The form will be marked with a green "Completed" label.

Post-Submission Options

After submitting a form, 3 options are available:

  1. Archive Form: This will archive the current form. A new "Pending" form will automatically be added to the appointment.

  2. Print Form: This will open a connected printer window. This also provides the option to Save the form (below).

  3. Add Note: This will allow a note to be added to a completed form

Saving and Sending Forms

  1. Click Print Form

  2. In the print window click Open PDF in Preview (or similar)

  3. Click File > Export as PDF > name the file > Save

  4. With the file now saved, you can attach it to an email for sending

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