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Forms and Charts in the Client Profile

How to access and view forms in the client profile.

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In each of your client profiles, you have a “forms & charts” tab that includes a comprehensive list of all past and future forms associated with your client.

The list includes:

  • Form/chart name

  • Form type

    • Form or Chart

  • Status

    • In progress

      • If a form or chart is saved as a draft by a staff member, it will show as “In progress.”

    • Completed

      • If a form or chart is completed offline or submitted, it will show as “Completed”

    • Archived

      • If a form had been made inactive, it will show as “Archived”

  • Who submitted the form

  • What time the form was submitted

You can easily access the form or chart by clicking on the form/chart that you wish to view. Your most recently updated form or chart is automatically filtered to the top of the list. The list shows only your active forms and charts, however, you can filter by all statuses or inactive as well. You also have the option to filter your list by forms only or charts only.

You can access each appointment that is associated with each form and chart, print from the list, and easily archive (or unarchive) a form or chart directly from the list.

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