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Forms and Charts: Connected Fields
Forms and Charts: Connected Fields

Details on how to set up and link connected fields to forms and charts.

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How to link the Client Profile to forms and charts

You can connect your form fields to the Client Profile, so when your clients or staff complete the form or chart, it updates that specific area of the Client Profile. You can also pre-populate charts with client information to save staff time when documenting services.

Once information is flowing from your forms to Client Profile, you'll have more client data in Reports like Referral Sources and Client Records.

To set up the link between forms, charts, and the Client Profile, head to the form builder and add the appropriate component type to the form or chart.

NOTE: First name, Last name, Email, and Phone number fields can only be updated by staff using charts. This is to prevent clients from accidentally changing information that is used to identify their client account.

When you drag a component into the builder, a dropdown with “Connect to field” appears. In that dropdown, you can choose which field in the Client Profile you want to be automatically updated.

When you create that connected with a form component and the Client Profile field, you will see a link icon in the form builder.

If you want to remove the connected field, you can select “none” in the dropdown.

NOTE: Not all profile fields are available in each form component and some of the fields are only available for charts.

Client View

Form fields with connections to the Client Profile do not look any different to the client.

Auto-populating Charts

Charts have the ability to pre-populate Client Profile information into the chart as well as automatically update the Client Profile with any changes.

In the builder, you need to toggle on the “Auto-populated” in the form component properties.

Connected Forms FAQs

Q: Why can’t clients update the Client Profile first name, last name, email, or phone number from a form?

First name, last name, email, and phone are critical pieces of information tied to a client’s account identity. We do not want to risk a client accidentally changing their account information. Clients can speak to staff to update this information in their Client Profile.

Charts can include all of the above information.

Q: Why is the Client Profile field I want to connect with grayed out?

There are three reasons that a potential connection is grayed out, and a connection cannot be made:

  1. That field is already connected to another field on this form

  2. That field is not compatible with the form component type you have selected

    1. For example, the Referral Source must be a drop-down or multiple-choice component

  3. That Client Profile field is not connectable to forms (but may be for charts)

    1. First name, last name, email, and phone number cannot be updated from a form, but they can be auto-populated into charts.

Referral source: you must first create your referral source list. Then, you are able to add that list as a dropdown selection to any form.

Q: Why can’t I auto-populate forms for my clients?

For client privacy and security, clients can only view and fill out forms that are blank. That is also why they cannot save a draft of a form. We want to ensure that only the person filling out the form can see the information that has been entered.

Q: If I link a form field to the Client Profile, will it update the Client Profile with previously submitted forms?

No, the connections are only valid for future form completion. It does not retroactively populate Client Profiles with form responses or auto-populate charts that were previously completed.

Q: What permission settings do staff members need to be able to use auto-populated charts?

The staff member needs the “Advanced forms” privilege turned on.

Q: What happens if a field in the Client Profile already had information in it when a connected form field is filled out?

The information submitted to the form replaces whatever information is in the Client Profile. If a field is left blank in a form but has information in the Client Profile, the original information is not deleted.

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