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Referral Sources

How to create, assign and review client referral sources.

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When a client is referred to a business, knowing and tracking that information can be valuable. When adding a new appointment or within every Client Profile, the business can assign how that particular client was referred. Then in the Referral Sources report, the revenue generated from specific referral sources can be seen.

Creating the Referral Sources List

Before they can be assigned to a Client Profile, the list of referral sources must first be created at the main business level. To create the list:

  1. Head to the main business gear icon then select Referral Sources on the left.


  2. Click New Referral Source.

  3. Type in the name of the source.

  4. Click Create Referral Source.

Assigning Referral Sources When Adding a New Appointment

  1. Click New Appointment and fill in all details as you normally would schedule a client.

  2. Before clicking Complete Booking, click the Referral Source drop-down to select how this client was referred. If they were referred by another client, you can search for that client's name.



Assigning Referral Sources from the Client's Profile

  1. Open the individual Client Profile.

  2. Under Contact Info locate Referral.

  3. Select the dropdown menu then click the referral type.

  4. Click Save Changes.

NOTE: Referral sources can be collected using connected fields. Check out the Forms and Charts: Connected Fields article for more information.

Referral Sources Report

The Referral Sources report specifically references clients who completed appointments during the selected date ranges and who have been assigned to a Referral source in their Client Profile. The Referral Source report specifically shows:

  • Referral Source - as assigned in the Client Profile

  • Client Count - clients tagged with the referral source

  • Service Count - services performed

  • Service Revenue - income generated from service sales

  • Product Unit Count - products purchases

  • Product Revenue - income generated from product sales

  • Tip Revenue - included gratuity

  • Avg. Order Value - average ticket cost

  1. Head to the Reports tab then select Referral Sources from the list on the left.


  2. Filter by date as you would any other report.


NOTE: A blank space under the Client column in the Referral Sources beta report represents a referral by 'Another Client'.

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