Forms and Charts: Photo Upload

Details on how to manage and use the photo upload feature in forms and charts.

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Whether it’s having your clients add their inspiration photos to an intake form or your staff adding before and after photos to a chart, you can collect images during form completion with the Photo Upload component.

Adding Photos to Forms and Charts

When completing a form, your clients and staff have the option to either upload a photo from their device, or if they’re using their personal device, either an iPad or smartphone, they can capture an image to add directly to Boulevard. If they choose to capture a photo, it is not saved to the device, which is a HIPAA-friendly way to capture visual documentation.

Adding the Photo Upload Component to a Form or Chart

  1. Navigate to the Forms and Charts section of your Manage Business settings and select a form or chart template.

  2. Select the photo upload component and drag it to the desired place in the form.

  3. Update the label to describe what you’d like staff or clients to upload (ex. Inspiration photo, photo of ID).

  4. Publish the form to update.

Uploading a Photo to a Form or Chart

  1. Select the form or chart with the photo upload component.

  2. From within the form or chart, click Add Photo from the photo upload component field.

  3. Select a photo from either the Photo Library or Choose File. If you would like to take a new photo, select Take Photo to open the camera feature of your device. Take a photo using your device and the photo will upload to your form or chart.

  4. If you wish to retake the photo, select Remove and retake the photo.

  5. Click Submit to complete the form or chart.

Images cannot be uploaded on the Duo app at check-in. If your form requires a client to upload a photo prior to their appointment, it is recommended to:

NOTE: the maximum photo file size limit is 10MB.

Recommended Uses for photo upload

Use Case


Before and after photos

Capture photos before and after your service to show the glow up you’ve delivered! Also helpful for medical documentation.

Collect inspiration photos

Is it a basic trim or a major lob? Is there a particular pout they covet? Have clients submit photos of what they’d like done and/or what they look like today so you can make sure you have the time and resources required to deliver the look of their dreams.

Collect documents to verify age, identity

If your service is 18+, collect a photo of the client’s ID, or if they have a payment plan like CareCredit, Cherry, you can collect their plan information.

Photograph supplies used during treatment

Capture lot and expiration numbers on supplies to save time taking notes, or note which formulas you used.

For more information and examples of how to use this feature, please refer to Forms and Charts: Building Forms and Charts.

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