Forms and Charts: Photo Markup

Details on how to enable and use the photo markup forms and charts feature.

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Forms and advanced charting help you capture critical intake, charts, and photo markups in adherence with HIPAA principles. Photo markup allows you to add detailed notes to images to monitor progress between treatments. As part of advanced charting, photo markup is a paid feature.

Enabling Photo Markup

The photo markup feature is only available for chart templates. To get started, head to the Form and Charts Builder in your Manage Business settings.

  1. Select a chart template.

  2. Select either an image or photo upload component.

  3. Toggle on “Enable markup” for the image or photo upload component.

    1. Select “image” if you would like the same image to appear in every chart for markup (this is commonly used for diagrams of the face or body).

    2. Select “photo upload” if you’d like the service provider to capture or upload a photo of each client and mark up those images.

Once enabled, anytime a staff member is filling out that chart, the markup will be available for that component. Any time a staff member submits that chart, they are counted towards that location’s monthly staff count for usage-based pricing, regardless of whether or not they mark up the image. See pricing for more details.

Adding Markup to Photos

To use the markup feature, select the client’s chart from the appointment details page. On a mobile device or tablet, you can use your finger or a stylus for markup. On a desktop, you will use a mouse or trackpad.

  1. If you’re uploading a new photo begin by selecting Add Photo which prompts you to upload or take a photo (mobile only). Once you have a photo, click Use Photo.

  2. Click Add Markup. This opens the markup experience including a pencil, pin, and eraser tool. You cannot jump back and forth between tools when using the markup feature.

  3. Click the Pin tool. You have the option to use 4 different pin colors which gives you the flexibility to use pins for different use cases. You can type the number you need, or use the plus and minus buttons.

  4. Click the spot on the photo where you want to place the pin. Rotate the pin label if needed. Continue to add pins as needed to the image.

  5. Use the Pencil tool to draw on the photo. This tool can be used to draw lines, circles, etc.

  6. Use the Shape tool to add a rectangle or an 'x' to your photo. You can resize both the rectangle and the 'x" shape.

  7. Continue to add Pins, Shape, or use the Pencil to add lines as needed. Use the Select tool to move around a pin, shape or pencil drawing. Use the Erase tool to remove a pin, shape or pencil drawing.

  8. You have the option to undo and redo your actions when doing a pin, shape, or pencil drawing. The undo will remove your latest action, while the redo will reapply the undone action. All actions must be undone or redone in the order that they were applied.

  9. Click Save when complete.

Photo markup is also available when using Forms and Charts in Boulevard's Professional app.

Undo/Redo Photo Markup

You can undo or redo your actions when marking up photos, to capture critical client information more quickly. Select the left facing arrow to undo changes and the right facing arrow to redo changes.

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