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Sign Off on Completed Forms and Charts
Sign Off on Completed Forms and Charts

Overview of how to enable and use the sign off feature for forms and charts.

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Designate reviewers to sign off on your forms and charts; great for medical directors, nurse practitioners, and other supervisors to review treatment notes for quality and compliance.

Form Builder

To enable this feature, go to your Forms & Charts templates. Whether you’re creating a new form or editing an existing one, you’ll find the feature in the settings section of the form builder. To enable sign-off, simply click the toggle next to “Require sign-off.”

NOTE: This feature is part of advanced charting, which is a paid feature (see pricing here).

Submitting for review

When the form (or chart) has sign-off enabled, your staff will see a “Submit for review” button to complete the form.

The form will be in a new state called “needs review” which can be seen on the edit appointment page and the client profile.

Approving a form (or chart)

In order to sign off on forms and charts, your reviewer must have the privilege “Review forms and charts” enabled, in addition to “View forms” and “Advanced forms”. They also need "View all appointments" enabled under appointment settings.

To review the forms and charts, reviewers head to the schedule view (on Front desk and Calendar) and filter by the forms that “need review.” This filters all the forms and charts that need to be reviewed for that day. The reviewer can select each appointment in the list to see all the forms that need to be reviewed for that particular appointment.

When reviewing the forms, the reviewer will see the option to “Approve and sign.” When selected, they can add comments (optional) and input their signature.

Once approved, the state of the form will show “completed” and you can view any comments and the reviewer’s signature.

Bypass Review Process

To bypass the review process, enable the bypass review process privilege which allows users to submit charts as complete without requiring review from approvers.

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