Booking confirmation texts | FAQ

Overview of how to enable and manage booking confirmation texts.

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What is a booking confirmation text?

An automated text reminder sent to clients the moment they book an appointment.

What is the content of a booking confirmation text?

  • Client name

  • Business name

  • Appointment day & time

  • Confirmation prompt (included only for non-confirmed clients)

    • Client can reply ‘yes’ to confirm the appointment.

  • Optional customizations:

    • Additional verbiage (up to 480 characters)

    • Link to manage appointment

    • Link to outstanding forms

    • Cancellation policy

Who are booking confirmation texts sent to?

By default, same-day reminder texts will be sent to all clients when they book an appointment.

How are booking confirmation texts turned on?

Booking confirmation texts can be enabled from the client notification page in location settings, by users with the “View and edit client notifications” privilege.

Locations with a dedicated phone number (booking line) will see the same-day reminder text option: “Booking confirmation” listed under the “Appointments” section.

When a user clicks into menu option for “Booking confirmation”, they see this modal:

What time do booking confirmation texts get sent to clients?

Immediately after the appointment is booked.

Can I customize the verbiage in booking confirmation texts?

The default verbiage cannot be customized, but the location can include additional text content by inputting it into the ‘additional text’ field in the booking confirmation text setup modal.

Additional text requirements:

  • 3 additional segments total (480 characters) can be added

  • no links at this time

  • no mentions of cbd / marijuana

  • any content must follow our acceptable use policy

For more information on additional text in client notifications, see the client notifications support article.

Is a dedicated phone number required to set up booking confirmation texts?

Yes. Locations must have an active/registered dedicated phone number (aka booking line) in order to turn on booking confirmation texts. Locations without a dedicated phone number can set one up from the Messages tab, or from the client notifications page.

From the client notifications page, click “Get started” to create a dedicated phone number.

If a location without a dedicated phone number tries to turn on booking confirmation texts, they’ll see this modal, but will be unable to turn on booking confirmation texts until they’ve created a dedicated phone number by clicking “Get started”.

Additional Customization Options

The default verbiage of the booking confirmation text cannot be customized, but you can append additional text, add your cancellation policy, and include links to manage appointment and forms. Click here for details on how to add additional text and a link to manage appointment.

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