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How to add, edit or delete notes in forms.

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Boulevard allows staff members to add notes to completed forms. Whether it is a client intake form or an internal staff form, staff with access to the Client Profile can add notes to responses within the form. The note includes the timestamp and the note author’s name.

Adding a note

To add a note to a completed form, first, select the form from either the Client Profile Forms & Charts tab or in the Appointment preview window. At the bottom of the form is an option to "Add Note".

Once selected, there is a banner at the top indicating that you are able to add a note to a form field. Select the form field where you wish to add a note.

You can add a note of up to 150 characters. Once you select “Save” the note is saved to the form field. You can have one note attached to each field.

When you’re done adding notes, select “Done” at the bottom of the page. The note is visible whenever a staff member views the form.

Select the 3-dot menu to the right of the note to view details, edit, or delete the note.

Editing or Deleting Notes

To edit a note, either select the note itself or select the 3-dot menu to the right. Then select “Edit”. Once you select “Save” the new note replaces the previous note. The previous author’s name and timestamp are replaced with the most recent author and their note’s timestamp.

To delete a note, select the menu then “Delete.” This is a permanent change and cannot be undone.

NOTE: This feature works best on a laptop or desktop. Notes have a limit of 150 characters.

Adding form notes in Professional App

Adding a note

To add a note to a completed form in the Professional App, simply select the menu and tap “add note.” Once “add note” is selected, you see a “+” icon appear next to each form field. You can add the note by selecting the “+” icon or simply tapping on the form field, typing into the notes field, and selecting done on your keyboard.

Editing a note

To edit a note, simply tap on the menu option next to the note and select “edit” or “delete”

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