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Receipts: Sending, Printing, and Saving
Receipts: Sending, Printing, and Saving
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Emailing Receipts

When an appointment is checked out, a receipt is automatically emailed to the client. A personalized message can be added. If the customer should not get an emailed receipt, the Email Receipt button can be deselected.


Resending Receipts

Receipts from past appointments can be re-sent by visiting Sales > Orders > Email Receipt. The button will change to "Sent" to confirm sending of the email.


Printing Receipts

If your business has a connected printer and you'd like to print a physical receipt, this is done at the time of checkout or after locating the individual order through the Orders or Payments tab.

  1. In the Checkout window, click Print Receipt OR

  2. Locate the order details by going to the Sales tab and clicking Orders or Payments.

  3. Click the Print Receipt button under the client details

  4. On the pop-up window that appears, click Print


Saving Receipts

Receipts can be saved at the same time as the print option.

  1. Instead of clicking Print, click Open PDF in Preview (or other) at the bottom left of the screen

  2. Click File > Save to name and then Save the receipt as a PDF document

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