Scheduling Alerts

Steps on how to create and manage scheduling alerts in the client profile.

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Within each client profile is the ability to add a private Scheduling Alert. A Scheduling Alert highlights important issues that should be addressed by the business. Scheduling Alerts appear on the client profile and also as a popup warning when creating a new appointment for the client.

Creating a Scheduling Alert

  1. Open the customer's Client Profile

  2. Enter the desired text into the Scheduling Alert box

  3. Click Save


That entered text will now appear in the New Appointment window in a red banner.


The text in the Scheduling Alert can be updated at any time. This text, like Client Notes, is private and only viewable by staff. Only one Scheduling Alert can be active at a time.

Scheduling Alerts, like other appointment notes, will appear in the appointment preview window which pops up with a single click on the appointment.

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