Merging Client Profiles

Steps on how to merge duplicate client profiles.

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When more than one Client Profile exists for the same person, their duplicate profiles can and should be merged into one profile.

IMPORTANT: Merging client profiles cannot be undone, and consolidates two client records into one. This includes all notes, orders, appointments, stored credit cards, and accommodations. After merging, please wait several minutes to fully see the client history updated in the new profile, and don't worry if you aren't seeing the expected data right away.

TIP: Immediately after merging profiles, refresh your web browser.

Merging Client Profiles

  1. From the Clients tab, click Merge Clients.


  2. Under Client Profile 1, enter the client name and select the first name that appears in the dropdown.

  3. Under Client Profile 2, enter the client name and select the second name that appears in the dropdown.

  4. In each row, select the information to KEEP.

  5. Click Merge Clients. A confirmation modal appears, as merging a client cannot be undone.

  6. Select Yes, Merge Clients.

A "Clients Merged!" notification at the bottom left of the screen appears briefly to notify you of a successful merge.

If initially there were three or more duplicate profiles, repeat the above steps to merge all remaining profiles.

Locating Duplicate Client Profiles

To locate duplicate profiles, use the Client Records Beta report. To filter by last name alphabetically, click the last name column and the report will organize client names in alphabetical order.


The Boulevard dashboard works best using a Chrome browser. If you experience issues when using the Chrome browser, try clearing your cache and cookies. Once cleared, log out and back into the dashboard.

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