Advanced Service Customization

Options for advanced service customizations.

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Every service on Boulevard can be customized to the business or staff member's preference. Customization starts with allowing or disallowing the service to be bookable online. From there, unique customizations can be made to the cost of the service, durations involved, and custom tax rate.

NOTE: Any updates or changes made to service settings including pricing or timing, only reflect on appointments booked after the updates are created. These updates do not reflect on any pre-booked appointments. For support in updating the pricing in pre-booked appointments, reach out to the Boulevard Support team through Help Chat or by email

Online Booking Availability

Customizing Services starts with choosing whether or not the service should be available to be booked online. By default, added services are automatically made active for online booking. To choose if a service should be bookable online, go to Manage Location > Services, select the service, then in the Service Details window check or uncheck "Bookable online".


When unchecked, the service does not appear in the self-booking overlay. It still appears in the business's main service menu and able to be added manually.

Custom Tax Rate

If your state requires specific services to have a custom tax rate, you can add that rate under the Overview tab for each service.


Custom Settings

Every service can be customized by role type or person, including custom:

Customizing services can be done in two places:

  • Service Details level

  • Staff Profile of an individual person

Make changes at the Service Detail level if customizing multiple values for multiple people and when first setting up a service. Make changes at the Staff Profile level if customizing changes for just a few people.

At the Service Detail level:

  1. Head to Manage > Services.

  2. Locate the service and enable or disable it for the location.


  3. Click the individual service to open up the Service Details.

  4. Enable, disable, and customize the service by role or by individual person. If a role is disabled, all staff members with that role will be hidden.

  5. Click Save Changes.

IMPORTANT: Any values entered in the Service Details override the Default values. If no amount is entered, the Default details are automatically inherited.

Example: The Special Occasion Styling service is enabled at the Beverly Hills location. Colorists can perform the service, and both Colorists, Danny, and Rosalind, perform the service. The default price for the role (Colorist) is $140 for 2 hours. For Danny, he has customized his price to $150 and the duration to be 1 hour 30 minutes. Makeup Artists do NOT perform the service, so it's disabled for that role. Dennis is in a role that DOES perform the service, however, he DOES NOT, so the service is disabled for him individually.


2) At the Staff Profile level:

  1. Click Manage, Staff, the name of the person you wish to customize

  2. Under their name, click Services

  3. Find the name of the specific service, then to the right of that service click Customize.

  4. Check the boxes to select or customize values and enter those values.

  5. Click Update Service to save changes.


Saved customizations appear in blue in the Service Details window. All customizations immediately go live and new prices and durations are immediately reflected in the service details and on the self-booking overlay.

Service Colors in the Calendar View

You have the option to display appointments within your Calendar based on staff or by service. For example, all Partial Highlights would appear on your calendar in pink.

  1. In your Manage Location settings, change the Appointment Color Usage to determined by "Service Color".


  2. In the Services tab of your Manage Location settings, choose a different color to display in the calendar for each service. You can also choose to set all services in a particular category as the same color to visually differentiate categories in your calendar view.


  3. A preview of the calendar display color is visible for each service in the Services tab.


  4. The calendar view displays color-coded based on the type of service for each appointment.

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