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Steps on how to create and manage services and service categories.

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Every service that a business provides is assigned to a specific category. When customers are booking online, categories are shown first. Depending on your service menu, organize categories so that services are easily found. Adding and changing services and categories can be done at any time.

NOTE: Services that are already assigned to appointments may not be deleted.

Adding a Category

Each service must be assigned to a Category. Create the Category first if it has not yet been created. From the main business level, click Services > New Category then name the service and click Create Category.


Adding a Service

From the main business level, click Services > New Service and then enter in and save the specific details. Be sure to add an accurate time duration so that when booked, the correct amount of time is blocked off on the calendar. Please see the separate article on Transition Time and Processing Time.


Reordering Categories and Services

After you’ve created all the services you offer, Boulevard allows you to organize your services in two different ways: by scheduling orders or by online service menu. Please see below for the difference and how to customize both.

Set Online Service Menu

Selecting the Set online service menu from the menu dropdown allows you to customize the order of the service menu shown during online booking.

NOTE: This is also the order in which services appear in dropdowns when booking from the Dashboard calendar, but does NOT affect the order in which the services are scheduled.

  1. Select Services to rearrange the order in which the services appear within each individual service category. Drag and drop the service names until they’re in the desired order.


  2. Make sure to Save Changes when the order is correct in the upper-right-hand corner.


  3. Select Service Categories to rearrange the order in which the service categories appear. Drag and drop the category names until they’re in the desired order.


  4. Make sure to Save Changes when the order is correct in the upper-right-hand corner.


Set Scheduling Order

Selecting Set scheduling order from the menu dropdown allows you to configure the order that services are scheduled when an appointment is booked online OR by staff in the dashboard. This is helpful for appointments that have multiple services to ensure they are booked in the correct order.

NOTE: This does not affect the order in which services appear in the online booking service menu.


If a service requires a specific order within an appointment:

  1. Find the service and make sure the Scheduling Order toggle is enabled. Input a number to arrange what order the service should be performed. For example, Gel Removal must come before any manicures.


    NOTE: To make it easier to rearrange services or add new services to the scheduling order, you can enter both decimal points (up to 3 decimal points) and negative/positive numbers. This way you don’t have to enter a new number for all services.


    Example: If you have a Body Scrub service set as number 3 and a Facial service set as number 4 and you need to add a new Massage service that should be scheduled between the two. You can simply set the Massage service scheduling order as 3.5. This way you won’t have to reorder all other services to fit!


    Example: You're also able to enter the same scheduling order for multiple services. For example, if all massages must be booked before any facial, you can enter 1 for all massages and 2 for all facials.

  2. Make sure to Save Changes in the upper right-hand corner.


  3. You are also able to quickly edit the scheduling order from the “Active Services” main page.


If a service can be scheduled in any order within an appointment:

  1. Find the service and in the Scheduling Order column, turn the toggle off to make the service Flexible. This means the service can be scheduled before or after any other service. For example, Waxing services could be scheduled at any time during an appointment.


    This allows you to schedule certain services wherever they best fit by increasing the number of time options someone can select from.

    NOTE: Any new service you add is considered Flexible unless you add a Scheduling Order number.

  2. Make sure to Save Changes in the upper-right-hand corner.


Advanced Service Settings

Boulevard supports services that have different prices and time durations depending on who is performing the service. To edit details for services that have individual prices, first, select the location, then Manage > Services > Select the service > Edit Service Details.

By default, all added services are bookable online, however, you can disable this option. For more details about this and other advanced options, see Advanced Service Customization.

For help with pricing updates, reach out to Boulevard Support at

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