This article outlines steps to create links to particular items or categories of your booking widget. Before you begin, to ensure the links are valid and usable:

  • Ensure that this service or product is sold at this location, and is bookable/purchasable online at this location in your Manage Location settings

  • For services, ensure that at least one staff member is able to perform this service, and that this staff member accepts services that are booked online

  • If you are linking to a Service Category or Product Category, ensure that this category contains at least one item that is bookable/purchasable online

Create Links

In your Manage Location settings, navigate to Services or Products to find the item you would like to link to. Choose the appropriate option from the Sharing Options dropdown: whether or not you would like a link to this item, or this item’s category; and if you will be using this link from within your website, or from an external website like Instagram.

Items linked from within your website

If you have Boulevard's self-booking widget installed on your website, you can create an HTML link using this code snippet.


Simply paste the Javascript into the onclick handler. The following example illustrates this. Ideally, you should use href="#" alongside the onclick handler.


When clicked, the button will fire a Javascript event that will open up the booking widget on your website directly to the linked item. This will all happen inside the current browser tab.

Items linked from outside your website

These links can be accessed from anywhere, such as an Instagram post. Note that they will always open a new browser tab when they are clicked. Select Copy Link to paste it in the desired location.

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