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Installing the Self-Booking Overlay: Shopify
Installing the Self-Booking Overlay: Shopify

Learn how to install the Boulevard Self-Booking Overlay.

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To allow customers to book appointments online, a booking button or tab must first be added to the website. After successful installation, clicking this button or tab triggers a window to slide onto the current webpage. This window called the Self-Booking Overlay, is where the appointment booking happens.


  1. Go to Admin

  2. Choose “Themes” from ‘Sales Channel’ menu

  3. Click on “Actions” under your ‘Live Theme’

  4. Choose “Edit Code”

  5. Choose “{/}header.liquid” option

  6. Add Boulevard’s Widget Code on line 17

  7. Next, create or edit “Book Now” button

  8. Add your website URL with “/#book-now” at the end with no spacing and no quotations and the button will “call” the widget from the left-hand side.

NOTE: If you have a custom Shopify, you may need to get developer help. Shopify provides this and you can reach out to Shopify Support for assistance!

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