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Steps on how to setup and manage service modifiers.

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Service modifiers are unique options meant to enhance or customize a service. They can be a way to upsell or simply add additional detail to a Service booking. Service Modifiers can be included in the service at no cost or an additional cost.


  • For a massage, clients can select which essential oil they’d like

  • For a haircut, clients can specify their Hair Length or texture

  • For a facial, clients can specify their skin dryness

Boulevard allows you to customize the cost and duration of service modifiers in addition to grouping these modifiers. There is also an advanced settings option, which provides the ability to set an internal cost as well as processing, finishing, and transition times.

NOTE: This is a similar concept to Add-On Services. Add-On Services are more powerful because they operate as a separate service with reportability, voucher redemption, customizable service providers, resources, and a view on the calendar. For more information on Add-On Services, see this support article.

We do not recommend having both modifiers AND Add-On Services attached to the same service because it clutters the client’s online booking experience with too many options.

Setup Service Modifiers

  1. Navigate to the Services tab of your Manage Business settings.

  2. Select the name of the service you would like to set up add-ons for.

  3. Within this Service Details window, select Options (next to Overview).


  4. Select Create New Group and enter a “Group Name” and “# of options required to book.” Groups are used to organize add-ons during booking and checkout.


  5. Select Add Options and enter the Name of the add-on, a description (optional), pricing, and timing. Selecting Advanced gives you the option to enter an Internal Cost or any Advanced Timing (Processing/Finishing/Transition).

  6. Select Add Options to set up each of the add-ons for the service.

  7. Repeat this process for each service that has add-on options.

NOTE: There is a character count limit of 225 characters for the descriptions of add-ons.

Booking a Modifier from the Dashboard

  1. Within the Calendar or Front Desk tabs, select New Appointment and choose the service. Click on the 3 dots to select the Add-Ons option.


  2. Choose the add-on and select Update. Complete the booking of the appointment.

  3. Select the appointment to see the add-on displayed under the service. The cost of the add-on is also included in the service total.


Booking a Modifier from the Self-Booking Overlay

  1. After clients choose their desired service, they then have the option to select an add-on. They also see the cost of each add-on when booking.

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