This article details the options available within the Front Desk tab. Both the calendar date range and the display of specific schedules can be customized. Clicking a staff photo provides quick viewing and editing options.


Date Range

Similar to the Calendar view, you can use the calendar date picker on the left, or the day-by-day selects on the right to choose the exact day to see in the Front Desk view.

Understanding the Columns

Each column title in the Front Desk view represents the current state of the appointment under it. To change the status of an appointment, you may:

  1. Single-click the appointment, then click the blue button at the bottom right of the preview window

  2. Click and hold to drag-and-drop the appointment into another column

Moving any appointment into the Completed column will automatically open the checkout window.


'Active' Appointment State

Businesses have the option to include the separate appointment status called Active. An Active appointment is currently happening; the client has already arrived and is now being seen by the service provider. To enable or disable this option, head to the location Manage settings and either check or uncheck the box next to Enable Appointment Active State.

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