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Custom Payment Types

How to create and manage custom payment types.

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During checkout, you can accept other forms of payment such as 3rd party gift certificates (Groupon, Spafinder, etc.), checks, and more using the “Other” payment type. Enabling Custom Payment Types allows you to customize the other payment types your business accepts in order to track specific methods of payment within reporting and sales data.

Enable Custom Payment Types

  1. Navigate to the Details section of your Manage Location settings. Under Location Features, enable custom payment types. Select Add Payment Type to start customizing.


  2. Enter a name that appears as an option within the “Other” payment method in checkout.


  3. Add as many custom payment types that you would like your staff to choose from so they are tracked in reporting. Click the menu dropdown to edit, set a payment type as the default option, or delete.


Checkout Using Custom Payment Types

  1. Within checkout, select the “Other” payment method.


  2. Select the custom payment type from the dropdown.

    NOTE: Only staff members with the “Location Manager” privilege are able to add another custom payment type from this dropdown.


  3. Add a description/note and the total that should be charged to that custom payment type. Charge the partial payment if applicable.

  4. If there is an amount left to be closed out, charge another method to finish checking out the client.

Things to Note

  • The specific custom payment type is listed in the closed order


  • The different custom payment types are also listed in the Payments section of the Sales tab


  • Only staff that have the “Other Payment Method” Checkout privilege enabled have access to checkout with custom payment.


  • On reporting, custom payment types shows as the "built-in" ones do once enabled and used (their own individual instance lumped together).

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