At checkout, multiple payment sources can be applied, including credit card, cash, and 'other' payments such as a voucher. Any combination is possible, including splitting the charge across multiple credit cards. Accounts with multiple deposit accounts may not be able to issue partial refunds; in this case please contact Boulevard for assistance.

Adding Partial Payments

  1. Apply cash first, if applicable. Click the Cash button at the bottom of the Checkout window, enter in the amount of cash to apply, then click Add Partial

  2. Now apply credit card or other payment source(s) by selecting Credit Card or Other and entering in the amounts to apply

  3. Once the full total is accounted for, click Checkout to finalize the order

Removing Partial Payments

  1. Open the Checkout window for the appointment

  2. To the right of the specific partial payment, click the 3-dot icon and then Remove


Reviewing Partial Payments

  1. Click View Order either through the Sales tab or the checkout confirmation page

  2. To the right, you'll see the payment amount(s) applied and their payment source(s)

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