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Gift Cards: Selling, Applying, and Refunding
Gift Cards: Selling, Applying, and Refunding

How to sell, apply and refund gift cards.

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Boulevard empowers businesses with the option to sell gift cards, online or in-store, and to also use those same gift cards as a method of payment. Enable gift cards under Manage Business > Gift Cards. To learn how to make adjustments or deactivate a gift card, check out Gift Cards: Adjustments & Deactivating.

Enabling Gift Cards


  1. Navigate to the Manage Business settings and click the Gift Cards tab. Under “Gift Card Settings” toggle Enable gift cards at the business. This enables gift cards across all locations.


  2. If you don’t want to offer gift cards at certain locations, check the box to allow certain locations to opt out of enabling gift cards.

To disable gift cards (as a whole or online only) at certain locations, go to Manage, scroll to Gift Cards & Account Credit section, and turn on/off gift cards in-store and online at a location level.


  1. Navigate to the Manage Business settings and click the Gift Cards tab. Under “Online Gift Cards” toggle Enable selling gift cards online from your business’ website. This enables online gift cards across all locations.


  2. If a location would like to opt out of selling online gift cards, enable Allow locations to opt out of enabling gift cards AND navigate to the Manage Location settings. Under the Details tab > Location Features > deselect Sell Gift Cards Online.


  3. Under Purchase Amounts set fixed or custom gift card amounts that clients can select from when purchasing online.


    NOTE: amounts must be at least $25 and no more than $1,000.

  4. Pick which Gift Card Designs you’d like clients to be able to choose from when purchasing gift cards online. You must select at least one design.


  5. You can also edit the Online Gift Card Code Length. This is useful when you’d like to be able to differentiate online from physical gift cards during checkout.


  6. Edit your Gift Card Website settings if you’d like to display a custom message on your landing page. You can also easily copy your online gift card website URL by clicking the clipboard icon. Lastly, if you’d like to attribute all gift card sales to a specific location, toggle the Attribute sales to a specific location setting and choose the name of a location.





  7. When all settings are complete, click Save.

Selling a Gift Card


Gift Cards, like products, can be added to an existing appointment at Checkout or they can be sold individually in a retail-only order.

  1. Open the Checkout window.

  2. In the Gift Cards section (not the payment method at the bottom) manually enter or swipe in the number.

  3. Enter the dollar amount of the Gift Card

  4. Click Add Card

  5. Complete Checkout as usual



  1. Clients can purchase gift cards online via your self-booking overlay or from your Online Gift Card website (found in your Online Gift Card Settings).





    IMPORTANT: For businesses with multiple locations, clients must choose a location to purchase a gift card. However, gift cards can be redeemed at any of your locations.

  2. They can then select an amount from the predetermined options, or choose Custom Amount to enter their own and click Add.


  3. Clients are prompted to enter the Gift Card Details. If they are sending the gift card to someone else, they can enter the recipient’s name, email, and name as well as an optional message. Click Add Details when done.

  4. Next, choose a gift card design and click Pick a gift card.


  5. Select if you want the gift card delivered now or on a future date and click Continue to summary. If all details are correct, enter any promo code they have and click Next.


    NOTE: Gift cards are sent to the recipient at 7:00 am local time (based on your business' location) on the date that you select.

  6. Lastly, enter their Contact and Payment info and click Complete to process the gift card order.

  7. The purchaser receives an email receipt:


  8. The recipient receives an email with their new online gift card on the delivery date:


Applying a Gift Card

  1. From the Checkout window click Gift Card.

  2. Enter or swipe the number on the card.

  3. Click Search.


  4. From the available balance, enter the dollar amount to apply to the gift card.

  5. Click Add Partial or Complete $0 Checkout if the balance is now $0.


  6. With the gift card funds now applied, complete the Checkout as usual.

Redeeming Online Gift Cards

When clients send a friend or family member an online gift card, the recipient receives a barcode in their email. Guests can show their gift card during checkout, and your front desk can easily redeem it using a barcode scanner, making it easier than ever to apply gift cards.

Refunding a Gift Card

  1. Open the desired order by clicking View Order or after searching for it in the Sales tab.

  2. Click Refund under the applied gift card payment.

  3. Apply a full or partial refund as usual.

  4. The gift card balance is proportionally deducted based on the refund amount.


Gift Card Sales Orders

From your Sales tab, you can select the Gift Cards section to see all gift cards sold, the code, current balance, if there was a recipient, their email, and the source (online or retail). You can filter gift cards based on the purchasing client's name, phone number, email, or code.


Clicking the Resend button emails the gift card to the recipient again.

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