How to create, apply and manage offers.

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Offers give you the ability to create and generate special offer codes for products, services, gift cards, and memberships at the location level! Offer codes can be shared with clients to be applied during self-booking or can be applied by staff during the checkout process.

NOTE: Offers are available to businesses with Premier and Enterprise subscriptions. If you're an Essentials customer who would like to gain access to the full Offers functionality, reach out to the Support team via Help Chat or by contacting to upgrade your subscription today. Please see the Discount Reasons support article for more info on what you can accomplish without Offers.

Creating and Editing Offers

  1. Navigate to Manage Business Settings (Gear Icon) and select the Offers tab to create a New Offer.


  2. Enter the new offer Name and your Code is automatically generated and then can be edited. Select the Discount Type and enter either the percent or dollar amount off.


  3. Select the Auto-Apply toggle to save a step by allowing the offer codes to be applied automatically during checkout.


  4. Assign the offer to specific items such as services, products, and gift cards.


    You also have the ability to exclude specific categories, services, or products.

  5. Assign the offer to a specific Audience. By default, the offer can be redeemed by all clients. Deselecting this gives you the option to apply the offer to new clients or members only.

    NOTE: New clients are defined as clients booking an appointment online for the first time. An existing customer is recognized as a new client if they book an appointment online for the time.


  6. Edit any Date & Time rules. You have the ability to limit what dates, days of the week, or times of day an offer can be redeemed.

    1. Limit by Transaction Dates: Limit the offer to specific dates when the order/transaction can be processed with the applicable offer code.

    2. Limit by Booking Dates: Limit offer codes to only be applicable when an appointment is booked on specific dates.

    3. Limit by Appointment Day of the Week: Limit offer code to only be applicable during specific days of the week.

    4. Limit by Appointment Time of Day: Limit offer code to only be applicable during specific times of the day.

      NOTE: any time specification you put in place abides by your local time, including if you have multiple locations in different time zones.

7. Apply the Offer to all Locations or select specific locations.


8. Disable Applicable During Self-Booking to make an offer visible to staff only and not able to be added to the self-booking overlay.


9. Save by clicking Create Offer.


10. Copy to the clipboard by clicking the icon next to the code name. Click the offer name to edit any details.


NOTE: Auto-applying offers to online gift card sales are not currently supported. Clients have to enter the offer code at the time of checkout (for online GC sales) to redeem the deal.

Applying Offer Codes at Checkout

  1. During the checkout process, the front desk can easily enter or paste an offer code in the Offers section. If the order applies to the rules you've selected and you've selected Auto-Apply when setting up an offer, the offer code is automatically applied. You also have the option to select from a dropdown listing of all applicable offer codes.

    Auto-Applied Offer

    Manually Selecting an Offer


    If an appointment does not fit the criteria set for a specific offer, they do not see the option to apply it. (ex. If an offer code has expired, if it’s not the correct date or time, if they did not receive a specific service or product, etc.)

Stacking Offers and Other Discounts

When two or more offers apply to an order, both discounts will be applied in order to give the client the best possible price.


Example: Flo is getting a Head Shave during the Holiday Sale (during the month of December), as well as on the 13th day of the month. In this case, both offer codes can be applied so that she gets both 13% off for the day-of-the-month sale and an additional $20 off for the Holiday Sale.

In addition, if an offer is applied to a ticket and another discount is manually added, both discounts are applied to give the client the best possible price.

Example: Ross is purchasing an Argan Oil Shampoo that is eligible for the Blowout Product Sale offer. We’re giving Ross an additional discount of $5 for referring a friend. Both the offer and manual discount are applied to the product sale.

Applying Offer Codes during Self-Booking

  1. After a client chooses a date and time, they are prompted to review their booking. By clicking “Have a promotion code?” they can enter an offer code and click Apply. This offer discount is automatically applied at checkout.


Things to Note:

  • Closed Sales Orders: After checkout, offers are visible in the closed order by hovering over the discount.

  • Reporting: Offers & Discounts Report (Beta) - A summary of discount and offer activity.

  • Deleting an Offer: To permanently delete an offer, select Delete Offer within the individual offer settings.

  • Group Checkout: Offers are only applied to clients who are eligible for an offer in group checkout.

    • Offers on services are applied based on the client receiving the service

    • Offers on products are applied based on the client paying for the order

    • Offers on gift cards are applied based on the client paying for the order

If you'd like to assign discretionary discounts, you can add Discount Reasons that can be applied to orders as well.

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